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There is an alternative to prescription pills that can help relieve your stress and anxiety. They are called mushroom pills! What are mushroom pills you ask? Well, they’re a powder form of the magic mushrooms themselves; they’re a supplement made utilizing the active ingredients in magic mushrooms and used for a variety of different ailments, but especially depression and anxiety. Let’s examine what they are, how they work, and how to make these all-natural capsules yourself so you can make your own medicine.

What are magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms can be found in a variety of mushroom types including psilocybe cubensis, amanita muscaria, and ergot. Magic mushrooms (also can be known as medicinal mushrooms for their hallucinogenic effects) are found all over the world, but due to recreational use over the past half-century, most people consume cultivated mushrooms grown indoors. Magic mushrooms have been used by indigenous cultures to induce psychoactive effects such as hallucinations, which is called “tripping”. When taken in small doses, also called microdosing, it is possible for none of the psychoactive effects to take hold and to only feel a sense of happiness. Today we will focus on microdosing, specifically in pill form, and how to make your own pills at home.

What is the main ingredient in magic psychedelic mushrooms?

When talking about mushroom pills it is important to understand the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. Psilocybin is the main psychoactive ingredient in mushroom pills. It comes from Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms which are often called shrooms, cubes, magic mushrooms, or psychedelic mushrooms. When magic mushroom pills are ingested, they go through a process where psilocybin becomes “activated”, causing it to bind with the serotonin receptors of neurons located throughout several different regions of the brain. This binding increases activity at these receptor sites and causes profound changes in thought processes as well as alterations to the perception of space and time. Psilocybin has been found to produce profound changes in consciousness, with long-lasting positive effects on attitudes and behavior when used responsibly or medicinally.

What are magic mushroom pills?

Psilocybin mushrooms (hallucinogenic mushrooms) in pill form are a great alternative to ingesting whole raw or dried shrooms. They can be eaten, mixed with tea, or made into capsules for easy consumption. They contain the same ingredients as dried mushrooms but in pill form which makes them much easier to take than whole mushrooms that need to be chewed up beforehand. It is crucial you know what mushroom you’re using because there can be different, more intense, side effects if it’s not Psilocybe Cubensis, which is the mushroom we recommend for beginners. This type of mushroom contains psilocybin in lower amounts than some of the other types of magic mushrooms.

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Magic Mushroom Pills – DIY FreshCap Mushrooms

It’s important not to ingest more mushroom pills than your body can handle because this will result in an overwhelming experience that may cause you harm or distress. This is known as a “bad trip”. The right dosage for mushroom pills depends on many factors such as: weight, muscle mass, tolerance level, whether you’ve ever taken mushroom pills before, etc.

How do you make magic mushroom pills?

There are many ways you can make magic mushroom pills including using a capsule machine, buying empty capsules online or at your local pharmacy, mix them with water and put into gelatin capsules yourself, or simply buy the premade powder. The capsule machine is the easiest way to make them at home for yourself so we will explore how to do that below.

Magic mushroom pills are mushroom-based supplements that use the main ingredient in magic mushrooms, psilocybin. They are popular with people who want to explore their consciousness and expand their minds without having to worry about the side effects of LSD or other dangerous drugs.

To make your own mushroom pills at home you will need:

  • dried mushrooms
  • grinder or food processor
  • size one capsule machine
  • size one empty capsules
  • digital scale
  • spoon

We recommend that you use a capsule machine for ease of use. Size one capsule machines should work and you should buy size one empty capsules to fit the machine. It does not matter if it is gelatin or vegetable-based capsules, it comes down to personal preference.

You can make these microdosing pills at home using a capsule machine by following these steps:

  • Grind your mushrooms into a powder using a grinder or food processor
  • Weigh out the amount of mushrooms you would like remembering that it will be divided amongst 24 capsules if your using the capsule machine. Always start off with a low dose of 0.25-0.40 grams of dried mushroom powder, wait an hour, and then take more if needed depending on how strong it affects you which is usually around 0.75-g dried mushrooms per person weighing approximately 160 pounds making magic mushroom pills safe for recreational use when done correctly
  • Follow the guide in the capsule machine to fill the capsules
Magic Mushroom Pills

That’s it! It is very easy and can be done in less than a half-hour. If you have more questions, stop by our psychedelic community on the forum.

Are magic mushroom pills safe?

In general, they are quite safe because the main psychoactive ingredient in mushroom pills doesn’t produce severe health effects when taken at low-moderate doses. However, there have been rare reports of adverse reactions to psilocybin ingestion such as feelings of anxiety/panic attacks and psychosis, which typically go away after a few days. If you experience psychosis it is important that you seek medical attention immediately. Also, keep in mind that studies show that mushroom pill use can cause psychological problems for people who suffer from certain mental health illnesses so avoid taking them if this applies to you. And definitely stay way from other drugs when taking magic mushrooms.

The most important thing you should know about magic mushroom pills is that they are safe to use if made from the right mushroom and in a controlled dosage through weighing or using a milligram scale. Always do your research on what kind of mushroom you’re buying before ingesting anything, even an empty capsule filled with dried mushroom powder could still cause problems if it contains ibotenic acid (a compound from a much stronger magic mushroom) instead of psilocybin mushroom pills.

Ensure that you research how much your body should take by reading reviews online. This way you’ll know what dose will work for you without any negative effects. There have been reports of bad experiences caused by taking too many magic mushroom pills at once which may result in an unpleasant trip with severe side effects like paranoia and anxiety lasting up to twelve hours. Always start small when trying new things. For example: start with only one mushroom pill if you are a beginner.


In order to make mushroom pills, you need magic mushrooms as the main ingredient, a capsule machine for filling capsules with mushroom powder, and a digital scale along with a spoon or other tools for measuring mushroom powder. The general idea is that it’s easier if someone uses a capsule machine because then they don’t have to measure out 24 empty size one capsules by hand which could be difficult depending on how skilled the person is at using a manual grinder/food processor. You should start off low-moderate doses of psilocybin (the active compound in magic mushrooms) like 0.25-0 grams per 160 pounds body weight making them safe when done correctly but can cause psychological problems for people who suffer from mental illness so avoid taking them if this applies to you. The most important thing is that mushroom pills are safe if made from the right mushroom and in a controlled dosage through weighing or using a milligram scale. Lastly, always do your research on what kind of mushroom you’re buying before ingesting anything.

Micodosing mushrooms is a great way to stave off depression and to stay in a euphoric or happy mood amongst other beneficial effects. We hope to have provided you with enough information to start your trip!

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