An Introduction: The LSD Dream Emulator Game

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This was a really fun topic to write about for us here at the Magical Mushroom. We knew nothing about the LSD Dream Emulator, its origins, the lovely sweet dream, Asmik Ace Entertainment, grey man (shadow man) or the dream journal. So we hope you really enjoy it yourselves and more importantly, if you have played the game before, drop some comments below as we are super curious to learn more about the LSD Dream Emulator! Let’s begin.

The Story of LSD the Game

Osamu Sato was a Japanese video game developer who developed the LSD Dream Emulator Game. Prior to his development, he had a career in the 1980s as an artist focusing on music and photography. He used this passion of the arts to start piecing together the initial idea of building the LSD dream emulator, experimental games that more focused on building pieces of contemporary art as opposed to “winning” in a traditional video game. Sato used a dream diary written by Hiroko Nishikawa, a game designer and senior employee at Asmik Ace Entertainment, who had been writing in the diary for about a decade as inspiration to build the game. The lsd Dream Emulator Game was created to simulate dreams and build art and was released in Japan in 1998 for the PlayStation 1 video game console. The release did not go well, however, it was re-released in 2010 with an accompanying bonus CD (yes, a CD) filled with acid techno music and also a book of excerpts from Nishikawa’s dream diary with an english translation available. Now the game has become a bit of a cult classic and a huge collectors item. We found more than a few copies available on the internet, posting a few listed here for the small price of $1,200!

lsd dream emulator
LSD Dream Emulator for sale on Ebay

Videos about LSD Dream Emulator

LSD The Game – Why You Should Play LSD

Asmik Ace Entertainment

Asmik Ace Entertainment was founded in 1985 by Yokoi Hiroji, who also created the Game Boy. You remember those don’t you?

The company is best known for its work on the Nintendo Entertainment System, with many of their games being published exclusively for this console.

They are also responsible for publishing some titles to other consoles such as Sega’s Genesis and Super NES. Asmik is most famous among collectors because it has released rare “golden age” games that were never available outside Japan at the time of release.

Additional Info and Reviews of the dream world

From what we’ve researched, it truly is a different experience from any other traditional playstation game. In LSD the player navigates a surreal environment with no objectives. The dream world and “game” is not as you would expect it. Nothing really seems to make a lot of sense. The only “goal” or to win the game, is to explore the world in 365 days. But, to reiterate, there really is no pattern or levels to the game. A dream sequence can come based on you being transporting to another place and seem totally out of place. But that is the secret beauty to the game.

We thought it would be best to show you some Youtubes of the LSD dream emulator to get a full idea of how interesting and trippy this game is. Our goal over the remainder of 2021 is to play LSD, maybe not while actually on an acid trip.

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