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Golden Caps, or Gold Cap shrooms, also known as Psilocybe cubensis are among the most popular magic mushrooms. These psychoactive fungi grow in rings that can be up to 9 inches across and have a white, spore-covered cap and grow in groups of two to four buttons on woody stems. In this article we will highlight all the important information about the golden cap shrooms and how many caps you should eat if you are thinking about exploring psychedelic experiences.

History of the Golden Cap Shroom

A mushroom that is now known to be one of the most powerful psychedelic substances in existence was first discovered over 100 years ago. Their first documented appearance was in 1906 by Franklin Sumner Earle who discovered them while on vacation in Cuba. Franklin initially called it “Stropharia cubensis”. Interesting fact here, Cubensis means “coming from Cuba”. The golden cap shrooms (or more commonly referred to as gold caps) a few years later was also identified by French Pharmacist Narcisse Théophile Patouillard in northern Vietnam.

Other Names for the Golden Caps

  • gold cap shrooms
  • golden tops
  • cubes
  • cubies
  • boomers
  • gold caps

Where does the Gold Cap Shroom Grow?

Golden cap mushrooms often colonize near the droppings of plant eating animals, such as cows and goats. They are truly a global growing mushroom, and their favorite environment and where you can find them most often is, tropical or subtropical. These include North America ,Central & South America, West Indies, and Mexico. In addition, as we discuss in a few other articles, these golden caps can easily be grown at home as well, making them one of our favorite types of magic mushrooms.

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What are the common characteristics to Identify Golden Caps?

Golden cap mushrooms are large in size, actually the largest of all magic mushrooms, and are known as golden-capped or gold cap shrooms because their caps often possess a lighter shade on top. They can range up to 8 centimeter long and these magical fungi sport an umbrella like cap and can come with darker shades of brown towards its center with an off white ring around the perimeter. This distinct look makes them easy to identify. Another helpful trick for identification is their bruising of a navy blue color. Take a look at a few of our golden cap mushrooms below. 

golden caps
golden caps – wikipedia

Additional Facts about Golden Caps

  • According to a 2003 study of six P. cubensis samples, the psilocin content ranges from 0.14–0.42% in the whole mushroom, while the psilocybin content ranges from 0.37–1.30%. (realitysandwich.com)
  • In the United States, they grow in southeastern states, particularly in warm-weathered cattle fields where humidity stays above 85%. (realitysandwich.com)
  • Gold cap shrooms grow optimally at near 100% humidity, and at temperatures between 75–81°F. (realitysandwich.com)

What are the effects of Gold Cap Shrooms?

The golden cap mushroom, psilocybe cubensis, is well-known for the psychedelic effects it can induce when consumed, which include but are definitely not limited to: distortions of time and space perception, mental changes, mood changes, and hallucinations. If you been on a trip with psilocybe cubensis, our beloved golden cap,  you may be experienced something similar to the walls or other objects may appear to be breathing or melting. The effects of this fungus are similar to those found in LSD, another one of our favorite psychedelic drugs here at the magical mushroom.

Some golden cap mushroom users report having strong negative emotional effects such as anxiety and panic, usually associated with a bad trip. If you have a stomach issues or a weaker stomach, this mushroom is also known to cause nausea and vomiting in some cases. For your reference, I’ve eaten this mushroom hundreds of times and I’d say my upset stomach level with these is about a 15% hit rate. It really does all depend on your sourcing, your eating habits day of, and of course your dosing. 

What makes Gold Cap Shrooms psychedelic?

There are plenty of mushrooms that will make you feel like your brain is melting. The most well-known and notorious of these substances is the psychedelic psilocybin mushroom, or “golden cap” as it’s sometimes called. These mushrooms have been used in shamanic rituals for centuries, but they’re not just a tool for spiritual exploration—they can also be a powerful medicine when used responsibly. In fact, many people who use psychedelics say that these natural substances helped them overcome depression and addiction to other drugs or alcohol. These psychedelics work by changing the way your brain interprets reality – so don’t underestimate their power! But if you do decide to try one, remember: Psychedelics can induce fear, anxiety, panic attacks, and even psychosis. If you’re not careful, they can also bring on feelings of depersonalization or derealization—or make it feel like your body is melting into the ground! You may also find yourself thinking about something you had never thought about before…that might seem strange to you.

How many Golden Caps should I eat?

You may be wondering how many magic mushrooms should you eat. The answer is, it depends. Generally speaking for someone that has experience with golden cap mushrooms is between 1 and 3 grams of dried mushrooms, or 7 to 14 fresh caps. For someone that is just starting out, we recommend a lower dose. As always, be careful with your dosing, especially if you are just starting out your journey with psychedelic mushrooms. I did not heed my own warning with regards to dosing when I first did mushrooms, and let me tell you, I sure wish I did. 


The golden cap mushrooms are the largest psychedelic mushroom that grow around the globe and are easily identifiable from some main characteristics such as the golden part of its umbrella shaped cap and the navy blue bruising. These mushrooms are also very easy to grow yourself at home, making them an obvious favorite here at the magical mushroom. We encourage you to continue your education and if you need more information, visit our forum or additional blog articles about magic mushrooms. 

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