Editorial Process

The Magical Mushroom is devoted to producing expert and accurate articles and information for our readers by tapping into psychedelic users, experts, journalists, and our growing community.

Our Purpose

A Community Dedicated to Magic Mushrooms and Psychedelics.

We built the Magical Mushroom to be a go to resource for magic mushrooms and psychedelics like LSD. When we started our journey to experience all that psychedelic mushrooms had to offer, we couldn’t find a reliable and complete community dedicated to educating and coaching one through the experience. Out goal and purpose is to change that with our website and community. We hope you enjoy our articles, audio, forum, marketplace, and community.

Our Content and Editorial Process

Expertise, Authority, Accurate, and Trustworthy.

We built a robust content creation process using a number of teams including researchers, experts, editors, and psychedelic users and coaches. Each piece of content goes through this process in an effort to deliver you reliable and trustworthy information about psychedelics.

Errors and Omissions

The Magical Mushroom acknowledges that errors and omissions in information and content articles may occasionally occur. We have a process in place to avoid any instances of this , but we are indeed human and sometimes there might be a mistake. We ask our visitors and our community to alert us immediately to any errors in content, including incorrect or misleading statements, by contacting us at hello@magicalmushroom.co