LSD Overdose; Facts, Fiction and Myths

From our research and the available studies on this, while it is technically possible to have an LSD lethal dose and overdose, it is incredibly rare. We have some well documented examples of LSD overdose cases and their results to show you this. This blog post will explore those and what is an LSD overdose and all the facts, fiction and myths surrounding LSD.

A Shroom Introduction of the Golden Caps

Golden Caps, or Gold Cap shrooms, also known as Psilocybe cubensis are among the most popular magic mushrooms. These psychoactive fungi grow in rings that can be up to 9 inches across and have a white, spore-covered cap and grow in groups of two to four buttons on woody stems. In this article we will highlight all the important information about the golden cap shrooms and how many caps you should eat if you are thinking about exploring psychedelic experiences.

Cheers to Science: The LSD Molecule and the origin of the LSD trip

right? Well that’s how we feel about psychedelic drugs, specifically LSD, here at the Magical Mushroom. We always knew and experienced LSD, but did we really understand anything more than the acid trip experience itself? Not really. Did we know about the LSD molecule itself?

Everything You Need to Know About The Magical Psilocybe Cubensis

How much do you really know about the magic mushroom? Do you know where it grows? Would you know how to identify these mushrooms in the wild? Do you know the origin and studies behind psychoactive mushroom use? This article will go over everything about the Psilocybe Cubensis (p. cubensis) including some of the science about these psilocybin containing mushrooms.

Psilocybe: A Genus of Magic Mushrooms

Time to increase our education on magic mushrooms. Introducing genus psilocybe, the family of gilled mushrooms that you guessed it, can be magical mushrooms and grow across the globe. Most species contain psychedelic compounds including psilocybin and psilocin, making them hallucinogenic mushrooms. There is a lot to learn about these psilocybe mushrooms, so let’s dive in.

1 Trippy Question: Are Shrooms Bad for You?

There is a lot of information out there on the internet about what magic mushrooms do to your body and mind if you consume them. This information, sometimes conflicting and tough to understand, can lead to a lot of questions about if it is bad to be taking magic mushrooms. Are shrooms bad for you? Are they addictive? Are there any long-term health effects? What are their physical effects? Are there long term effects? Can you overdose? This article will explore these questions about magic mushrooms and hopefully will help you make a more informed decision about magic mushroom use.

A guide: How to Identify Psychedelic Mushrooms

It’s not the easiest task to identify magic mushrooms. With so many different species of fungi, how can you know for sure? And how do you tell one from another? With a growing focus and community centered around the medical application of psychedelic mushrooms (also known as psilocybin mushrooms or magic mushrooms), we think it is important to help our Magical Mushroom community get started with some basic advice on identifying magic mushrooms.